Business Development

Willow Run and Detroit Metropolitan Airports are the anchors for the development of a world class Aerotropolis. The elements are in place - major airport facilities, 25,000 acres of developable land, and engaged and supportive community leadership. 

Over the long term, the Detroit Region Aerotropolis will be transformed into a mixed use development. Plans are to include facilities to support cargo transfer and movement as well as retail and residential areas to service the growing workforce as well as travelers. 

Incentives are available for companies to locate in the area. 

With a strong manufacturing base including research and development in advanced technology such as Automotive, Advanced Engineering and Alternative Energy, Detroit is ideally positioned to become a global center for cargo and logistics activity. 


Free Trade Zone  

Willow Run was granted Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ) status, strengthening its strategic importance. Contact us about FTZ opportunities and advantages. 

Willow Run Airport – Master Plan 

To view public presentation of Master Plan, please click here.

Willow Run Airport – Procurement 

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Willow Run Airport – Part 150 Noise Study

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FAR Part 150 Supplemental Noise Compatibility Study 

Willow Run Airport - Ordinance

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Economic Development Partners 

Willow Run Airport works closely with local and state economic development agencies to provide businesses the opportunity to establish or expand your business. 

Detroit Region Aerotropolis

Wayne County Economic Development Growth Engine (EDGE) 

Washtenaw County Office of Community Development

Ann Arbor Spark

Michigan Economic Development Corporation (MEDC)